Artist Scout Interest Badge

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Badge requirements[edit]

Artist Interest Badge
  1. Submit at least 3 works done by you in your chosen medium or media.
  2. Have a working knowledge of the equipment and media that you used in creating your work.
  3. Demonstrate by practical example:
    1. Perspective
    2. Colour sense
    3. Proportion
    4. Balance
    5. Shadow and highlight
    6. Tonal changes to enhance perspective
  4. Using pencil and paper, produce on the spot a recognisable and artistic sketch of two of the following:
    1. Caricature of the examiner
    2. Still-life from within the room
    3. The view from the window
    4. A common object (book case, ashtray etc)
  5. Select to do
    1. Discuss a well-known artist using at least 3 of the following topic:
      1. Life and background
      2. Style and works
      3. Media used
      4. Message
      5. Colour and tone
      6. Favourite subjects


    2. Recognise and describe at least 4 styles of work of artist in the following historical groupings:
      1. Ancient Greece
      2. Up to the 17th Century
      3. 17th to 19th Century
      4. 20th Century


    3. Discuss with the examiner at least four art related topics such as classicism, impressionism, cubism and modernism

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