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Badge requirements

  1. Submit at least 3 works done by yourself in your chosen medium or media.
  2. Have a working knowledge of the equipment and media that you used in creating your work.
  3. Demonstrate by practical example:
    1. Perspective.
    2. Colour Sense.
    3. Proportion.
    4. Balance.
    5. Shadow and highlight.
    6. Tonal changes to enhance perspective.
  4. Using pencil and paper, produce on the spot a recognisable and artistic sketch of two of the following:
    1. Caricature of the examiner.
    2. Still-life from within the room.
    3. The view from the window.
    4. A common object (bookcase, ashtray etc).
    5. Traditional African Art.
    6. Produce a piece of art using digital media.
  5. Do A. B. or C.
    • A. Discuss a well-known artist using at least 3 of the following topics:
    1. Life and background.
    2. Style and works.
    3. Media used.
    4. Message.
    5. Colour and tone.
    6. Favourite subjects.
    • B. Recognise and describe at least 4 styles of work of artist in the following historical groupings:
    1. Ancient Greece.
    2. Up to the 17th Century.
    3. 17th to 19th Century.
    4. 20th Century.
    • C. Discuss with the examiner at least four art related topics such as classicism, impressionism, cubism, and modernism.

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