Alex "Silver Fox" Maspero

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26/03/1906 - 14/07/1995

Alex Harold 'Silver fox' Maspero joined the Movement in 1914 as a Cub. He was in the early 1930's Scoutmaster of 4th Rondebosch and in the late 1930's District Commissioner for Rondebosch. Alex was involved in training and in 1951 was warranted as Deputy Camp Chief.

He was one of the Instigators of the Area Rayner Trophy Launched in 1954 and took on Chief Judge of the competition in 1954 and the year after 1955.

He became the Divisional Commissioner of the Cape in May 1958 and Headquarters Commissioner in 1969. He was appointed an Honorary Commissioner in 1990 and was also an Emeritus Commissioner SAHQ.

He was awarded the Medal of Merit in 1935, the Silver Acorn in 1956, the Silver Protea in 1962 and the 70 Year Bar to the Long Service Medal in 1985.

Alex, although retired, maintained an interest in the Movement and inquiries from time to time were always evident. He spent nearly 90 fruitful years in numerous and varied activities.