Appointment of a Patrol Leader

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Appointing a Patrol Leader

The following simple ceremony may be found useful in emphasising the importance of the Patrol Leader’s job. It is conducted by the TS, but the presence of the SGL will mark it as an important occasion. The details can be varied, but refinements usually add to the length of the ceremony without increasing its impressiveness.

  • The Troop Leader, Duty PL or ATS calls the Troop to form up in horseshoe formation .
    • The PL’s stripes, hat badge, and Patrol Flag - if used - will be available.
  • 'TS': “After consultation with the Court of Honour I have agreed to appoint ... (name) as Patrol Leader of the... (name) Patrol. They have agreed to accept this responsibility. “
    • The TS then calls the PL forward.
  • TS: “Do you undertake to do your best to put your Patrol before yourself, the Troop before your Patrol, and to be a Scout worth following at all times?”
  • Patrol Leader: “I do.”
  • The new PL is then either requested to renew their Promise, on the Troop Flag, or accept one of the PL Oath.
  • The TS then presents them with the Patrol Leaders stripe, the PL hat badge (where applicable), and the stave bearing the Patrol Flag – if used - with a word or two of good wishes and encouragement.

The ceremony concludes with a cheer or the Troop yell. A similar ceremony, without the PL’s Oath, can be used for the presentation of an Assistant Patrol Leader (APL) stripe