Patrol Leader's Oath

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Option 1: Patrol Leader Oath of Office

The Troop scouter (TS) reads out:

  • “Having been appointed as a Patrol Leader of the (name) Patrol in the (name) Scout Troop, do you solemnly affirm that you will support and uphold the Scout Promise and Law?;
  • That you will, in friendship, encourage and train those entrusted to you to the best of your abilities;
  • That you will protect them against wrongdoing in whatever form you behold;
  • That you will develop them to become responsible members of society and exemplary Scouts;
  • That you will demand of them, and demonstrate by your own example, the highest standards of personal conduct, honour and service in accordance with the Scout Law and Promise;
  • That you will undertake to achieve the advancement level of First Class without undue delay, in an endeavour to become an effective Patrol Leader;
  • That you take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that you will well and faithfully discharge the duties on which you are about to enter, on your honour as a Scout.”

The new PL responds: “I Do”.

Option 2: On Appointment of a Patrol Leader

This text is too long to read out, but the PL can be asked to read out the headings and the text can then be given to the new PL. As a Patrol Leader:

  • I commit myself to play the Scout 'game' wholeheartedly!
We progress our lives through many different 'games' be it sports, the arts, hobbies, academics, participation in faith groups, civics and so on. I choose 'Scouting' and will attempt to learn Scouting skills to the best of my ability and creativity. I aim to be a 'First Class' Scout. I will share and teach skills, always looking for new angles, depths of knowing and practical skill. My enthusiasm for Scouting will be contagious!
  • I will stand up as a leader and take responsibility in our Scouting community.
I will do stuff and make it work! As a recognised, invested leader I will stand with the core team that will do anything to make the Troop and Patrols work excellently. I stand up and commit myself to giving, creating, making, bringing positive energy, doing practical tasks that will make us all shine! I will give time to the leadership project.
  • I will love and inspire my people!
Upholding the Scout Promise and our 'duty to God, I will promote the universal 'rule of compassion', doing to others as I would have done to myself. I will be useful and helpful to others. I will uphold Scout Laws of respect and courteousness, being a brother or sister to other Scouts and a friend to all, I will encourage Scouts to persevere and be courageous. I will promote a sense of 'clean' living by upholding the quality of conversations, joking, use of language and positive spirit amongst us. I will help to create a safe, belonging, happy space for all.
  • I will uphold the Scout Promise and Law, showing my belief in it and demonstrating how to live it out in action.
I proudly stand with more than 50 million Scouts worldwide who strive to do the same thing and bring about a world of peace and prosperity for all. Above all, when I uphold the Scout Promise and Law, I am a Scout 'Messenger of Peace'!

Closing words by the TS:

Being a leader involves leaving yourself as centre of the universe behind! You live to motivate and take people to a better space. You have a vision, you are passionate. Your work will develop your character and life strength. You will discover a surprising life gift of joy and purpose. You choose a road less travelled; you will climb the mountains rather than walk the roads. You have the Honour of being a leader, but you are a servant of the Troop!

May you have the courage to keep walking this way

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