Burrowing Up Badge

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(Responsibility of the Pack Scouter)

Outcome: To prepare the Meerkat for the next step in their Scouting Adventure.

  1. Attend at least three formal Pack meetings.
  2. Be introduced to your future Sixer and Second.
  3. Know and understand the Cub Law, Promise and Motto.
  4. Listen to the story of Mowgli's brothers.
  5. Listen to the story of Lord Baden-Powell and how Cubbing started.
  6. Demonstrate the Cub Salute, Left Handshake and Grand Howl and know when they are used.

Six weeks before their seventh birthday, the Meerkat can start working on their "Burrowing Up" badge. As soon as possible, after their seventh birthday, but at most three months after turning seven years old, they should go up to Cubs.

In extenuating cases when, and at the sole discretion of the Pack Scouter in consultation with the Den Scouter and SGL, a Meerkat is not ready for the Cubbing Adventure, a Meerkat may be allowed to stay in the Den until they are seven and a half, after which they must leave the Den and progress to the Cub Pack.

Under the situation considered above, a Meerkat may continue to work on interest and challenge badges only until they are 7 years and 6 months old, but they may not earn any Meerkat programme advancement badges after 7 years and 3 months.

If they do not complete the Burrowing Up badge before going up to Cubs, they will have to complete the Cub Membership badge before they can be invested as a Cub.