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Badge requirements

  1. Safety:
    1. Discuss the personal safety precautions which apply in any working situation.
    2. Discuss with the examiner the specific safety precautions and procedures applicable in a workshop.
  2. Handtools:
    1. Demonstrate the uses of some of the Handtools used in a carpenter's workshop, as selected by the examiner. Discuss the safety precautions applicable to these Handtools with the examiner.
    2. In consulting with the examiner, make a simple model incorporating at least four joints using Handtools only.
  3. Materials:
    1. Discuss three types of timber used in carpentry/furniture making under the general aspects of origin, characteristics, working properties and uses.
    2. Discuss with the examiner some of the other materials used in carpentry/furniture making such as laminated board, chipboard, and hardboard.
    3. Discuss some of the methods of finishing and polishing wood.
  4. Machine Tools:
    1. In consultation with the examiner, demonstrate the use of, and safety precautions applicable to at least two different power Handtools, and at least two motor-driven carpentry machines.
  5. Planning and designing:
    1. Design a carpentry model of your choice and submit neat sketches showing all dimensions and joints to the examiner.
    2. Draw up a cutting list for your model.
    3. Determine a working procedure for your model.
  6. Either make the model which you have designed in (5),
    Present to the examiner a suitable model made by yourself or at your school's carpentry shop.

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