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Badge requirements

  1. Have passed the Fires & Cooking Scoutcraft Badge and be prepared to demonstrate any of those requirements. OR Complete all the requirements for the Fires & Cooking Scoutcraft Badge.
  2. Explain what is meant by ordinary culinary terms such as to bake, marinate, sear, and scald.
  3. Demonstrate your ability to use and maintain paraffin and gas stoves. Understand the dangers and demonstrate the safety precautions to be taken in lighting, using, and cleaning these stoves and lamps. Demonstrate the correct procedures to be followed in replacing gas cylinders (including hiking gas stoves).
  4. In camp lead a Patrol in the preparation and serving of a meal for 6 persons. The meal must be cooked on an open fire. Dutch ovens, biscuit tin ovens or reflector ovens may be used. After cooking, properly dispose of rubbish by re-cycling appropriately, clean the utensils, and leave a clean cooking area.
  5. Mix the dough and bake a loaf of bread in a camp oven or bake and ice a cake at home.
  6. Prepare indoors a meal for 4 persons. The meal may be cooked using an electric, gas, wood, coal or paraffin stove, or microwave oven. Serve the food correctly following the niceties of good manners. Demonstrate carving and clean up afterwards.
  7. Explain the different cuts of meat of either pork, lamb, or beef.
    Explain how or which vegetables can be used to substitute for meat for religious or other reasons.
    Explain how to cater for person(s) that have food allergies and other dietary restrictions to ensure that they catered for appropriately.
  8. Discuss the nutritive value and storage of the following foods:
    1. Fresh meat, vegetables, and dairy products.
    2. Canned meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit.
    3. Dehydrated vegetables.
    4. Soya products.
  9. Make an item of camp kitchen equipment such as a reflector oven, haybox, camp fridge, billycan or utensils from tin cans and wire.

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