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The Crew Council is the leadership body of the Rover Crew, analogous to a Scout Troop's Court-of-honour. Each Crew requires an elected Crew Council to effectively manage and run the Crew. This is the organising body of the Crew elected by the Crew to organise and run the Crew for one year. The Crew Council consists of a Rover Scouter, Crew Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and two or three Rovers. Only invested Rovers can be elected to this Council, and this is where all decisions are made. To be elected to this Council is an honour not to be taken lightly.

With no two Crews being alike it is difficult to set a standard, but here are a few pointers:

  • The Council must be aware of the needs and capabilities of the Crew.
  • The Council must not over-extend the Crew. "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy", and that is not what we are looking for. Whatever happens, keep the fun element alive.
  • Maintain democracy in the Crew. Arguments can always be settled if discussed in an adult manner.
  • The Council has judicial powers. Crew members acting out of line can be called to appear before the Council. This is the most unpleasant task a Council may have to perform.
  • Avoid your Crew Council becoming a secret society. Take all decisions, programmes and activities to the Crew through the Crew in Council.


Leadership Structure

The size of the Crew Council and the exact function of its individual members may vary depending on the Crew's makeup. Small Crews may opt for smaller Crew Councils of only 3 members, while very large Crews may opt to add highly specialised Crew Council roles such as "Outdoor Events Coordinator." As long as the basic functions and responsibilities of the Crew Council are carried out, Crews are encouraged to find leadership styles that work for them.

Typical Crew Council

  • Chairperson
  • Vice-chairperson
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Rover Scouter (the Rover Scouter is not an elected member of the Crew Council, but rather a mentor and facilitator to assist the Rovers in the effective functioning of the Crew)

Crew Council Elections

Crew Council members should be elected annually from amongst the invested Rovers of the Crew, typically at the Crew's Annual General Meeting or at the first Crew meeting of the year. The election should be overseen by an ineligible party, such as the Rover Scouter or a guest such as the District Commissioner or Group Scouter. The election process differs from Crew to Crew, but should be run in a manner agreed on by the Crew in their Constitution.


Rover Scouter

The Rover Scouter is not the "leader" of the Crew Council, but rather a mentor to the elected Crew Council members. Rover Scouters also play communicative roles between the Crew and other organizational units, such as the Group Support Team (for group Crews) or District Scouter's Council (for district Crews).

The Rover Scouter is also responsible for the continuity of the Crew Council, ensuring that annual elections take place, and being prepared to intervene and hold an emergency election in the event of the prolonged absence of key Crew Council members or similar scenarios.

Absence of a Rover Scouter

In the event that a Rover Crew does not have a Rover Scouter, the Crew Council chairperson or a nominee of the Crew Council will be responsible for taking on some of the Rover Scouter's administrative responsibilities.