Cub Landscaping Badge

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Badge requirements

Landscaping Cub Interest Badge
Landscaping Cub Interest Badge

Do any THREE of the following:

  1. Help take care of your lawn or help take care of the lawn of your school, public building, or church, for one season. Seed or replant bare spots. Get rid of weeds. Pick up litter. Agree ahead of time what you will do.
  2. Make a sketch of a landscape plan for the area right around your home or for some other building, showing the trees, shrubs and flowers you could plant to make it look better.
  3. Take part in a project with your family, Pack, or others to make your neighbourhood look more beautiful. This might be clean-up parties, painting, planting, cleaning and painting rubbish bins and removing weeds.
  4. Start a compost heap in your yard using leaves, grass clippings, and similar plant materials, and explain how you will use this compost in a garden.
  5. Point out and name four problem plants in your area; in addition point out three common enemies and three common friends of the garden.

(Note: A letter must be produced from a parent or adult for No. 1)


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