Cub Presentation of Advancement and Interest Badges

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The ceremony is done after Grand Howl and is a uncomplicated event. (This may be done at the opening or closing ceremony.)

Awarding a Badge

  • The Pack is formed up in a Parade Circle.
  • Akela explains briefly the badge to be awarded and adds a few words of congratulations and encouragement.
  • The Cubs are called up individually to receive their badges.
    • The Cub and Akela Salute each other;
    • Akela pins the badge on the Cub’s uniform,
    • Akela shakes hands with the Cub congratulating them on their award.
    • The Cub is handed the badge certificate in their left hand.
    • Akela and the Cub Salute again.
    • The Cub then returns to their position in the Circle.

The Pack may honour them with the Pack Yell, or “ONE, TWO, THREE – WOOF”, or “WOOF, WOOF, WOOF” to conclude the ceremony. If a parents' evening is due very soon, badges could be presented then, but Cubs should rarely be kept waiting for more than one week before being presented with a badge.

Awarding Stripes

  • Sixer and Second stripes are presented in the same way as Advancement and Interest badges.
    • The Cub does not reaffirm their Promise at the presentation.
    • Again a simple ceremony and it is certainly an occasion for congratulations and “Good Hunting”.
      • The Pack might also give the Pack Yell, or “ONE, TWO, THREE – WOOF”, or “WOOF, WOOF, WOOF”.