Disaster Risk Management Scout Interest Badge

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(Previously Civil Defence Interest Badge)

NOTE: In the civil defence organisation, the Scout Movement is an element of the communications discipline and as such, Scouts will be used as messengers. Scouts are not to be used in dangerous situations.

Badge requirements

Disaster Risk Management
Disaster Risk Management

  1. Have passed the First Aid interest badge or complete all the requirements for it and be able to re-demonstrate those skills.
  2. Demonstrate a good knowledge of radio voice procedure. Put this into practice with your examiner and patrol, using radios, or if radios are unavailable, a suitable cell phone App.
  3. Recite the Phonetic Alphabet from memory.
  4. Carry an oral message of a minimum of 80 words to a given destination and repeat it after not less than 1 hours' time lapse.
  5. DO the following:
    1. Compile a current list of your local community's civil defence or civil relief volunteer organisations (i.e. WSAR, NSRI, etc.) and list their respective functions (i.e. Mountain Search and Rescue, Sea Rescue), contact details, base locations, and primary contact people.
    2. Visit one such organisation and meet with a member to develop an understanding of that organisation does, discuss any similarities between Scouts SA training and that organisation's training, and what one would do to become a member.
  6. Prepare the following plans, and implement at least THREE:
    1. Household safe room to retreat from home intruders.
    2. Emergency first aid grab-bag in your household.
    3. Emergency first aid kit in a family car.
    4. Emergency car breakdown kit.
    5. Kitchen fire safety plan.
    6. Assess the perimeter of your house to assess how defensible it is against a bush fire and prepare a fire action plan.
    7. Assess the security around your house and point out weak areas to the homeowner.
    8. Plan for the event of a power-failure or load shedding, with specific reference to how you would maintain heating, lighting, cooking, communications, and household security. Show that you know how to interpret the load shedding schedule/table for your home, school, and parent's workplaces.
    9. Plan for the event of a water-shortage and describe as many water sources near to you as possible, and the various means of purifying water for household use and drinking.
  7. Demonstrate the hand signals used for directing and controlling traffic and explain how you would work with someone else to control the flow of traffic in an incident where one lane of a road is blocked.

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