First Aid Scout Interest Badge

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Badge requirements

First Aid
First Aid
  1. Have passed the Scoutcraft First Aid badge and be prepared to demonstrate any of those requirements. OR Complete all the requirements for the Scoutcraft First Aid badge.
  2. Demonstrate and discuss how you would assess a patient.
  3. Describe the different types of shock. Explain the signs, symptoms, and demonstrate treatment of shock.
  4. Discuss with the examiner the signs, symptoms, and treatment (where applicable) of serious bleeding including internal bleeding.
  5. Demonstrate the use of an improvised bandage to hold a dressing in place on the arm, hand, ankle, and head.
  6. Demonstrate how to treat 2 different suspected fractures using improvised methods.
  7. Discuss with the examiner the dangers of fractures to the spine. Demonstrate how to immobilise and log roll a suspected spinal injury.
  8. Explain and demonstrate how to apply cardiopulmonary resuscitation and how to react to someone who is choking using current acceptable protocols.
  9. Demonstrate the correct method of lifting a person onto a stretcher.
  10. Demonstrate 5 methods of transporting patients:
    1. Fireman's lift.
    2. Walking assist.
    3. One-man carry.
    4. Four-hand seat.
    5. Two-man carry.
  11. Discuss the causes and treatment as well as the precautions to take to prevent:
    1. Cold exposure (hypothermia).
    2. Heat exhaustion.
    3. Sunburn.
  12. Lead a team of at least three other Scouts deal with 3 different First Aid incidents staged by the examiner.
  13. Describe the risks associated with, and the treatment for, the following:
    1. Spider bites
    2. Wasp/Bee stings (and describe how one would apply an Epi-pen)
    3. Scorpion stings (and how to identify a venomous scorpion)
    4. Snake bites (and demonstrate an understanding of the various venoms and their treatment)

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