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The first in what was to become the Patrol Leader Training Unit Courses was run in July 1959 at the Lexden Camp Site the Natal Gilwell Scout Training Camp. It was under the leadership of Dr Dudley Forde, with 19 Scouts from the 2nd Durban YMCA Scout Group in attendance. Courses were offered to boys from the same Group over the next five years until the 6th Course in October 1964 when it was opened to participants from the South Durban District. It was after the 9th course in October 1967 that the Patrol Leader Training Unit (PLTU) was formed to offer formal Leadership Training courses for Scout Patrol Leaders in the then Natal Division. The Lexden Unit is proud to have hosted and mentored those who went on to create PLTU Units in other centres in South Africa.

As it is a requirement that the Troop Leader has attended a PLTU course, the Western Cape, in paving the way for their initial course, arranged for Ryan Dearlove and Anton de Roo to attend the Lexden PLTU course. Peter Foster, having attended an earlier PLTU course, was the first Gilqua Course Leader which was held at the Hawequas Scout Adventure Centre near Wellington in 1992.

Past Course Leaders

Course Year Course Leader Troop Leader
1st Gilqua (1992) Peter Foster Ryan Dearlove
2nd Gilqua (1993) Craig Mullett Anton de Roo
3rd Gilqua (1994) Peter Foster Thomas Henshilwood
4th Gilqua (1995) Mark Abrahams Simon de Nobrega
5th Gilqua (1996) Buzz Macey Robert de Nobrega
6th Gilqua (1997) David van Eyk Gareth Hall
7th Gilqua (1998) Peter Foster Colin Muir
8th Gilqua (1999) Anton de Roo Dylan Delahunt
9th Gilqua (2000) Buzz Macey Robert Lloyd
10th Gilqua (2001) David Shelly Robert Lloyd
11th Gilqua (2002) Paul Green Tim Crombie
12th Gilqua (2003) Anton de Roo Ross McDonald
13th Gilqua (2004) David van Eyk Matthew Broadley
14th Gilqua (2005) Kevin Reeves Stephan Thaele
15th Gilqua (2006) Nicolas Price Peter Jones
16th Gilqua (2007) Kevin Reeves Bion Wortmann
17th Gilqua (2008) Kevin Reeves Tristan Goldie
18th Gilqua (2009) Peter Statham Robert Turner
19th Gilqua (2010) Brendan Dale Ronnie Kellerman
20th Gilqua (2011) Nimmy Abrahams James Peart
21st Gilqua (2012) Ingrid Webster Fiona Marinus
22nd Gilqua (2013) Quintin Combrink Michael Ketterer
23rd Gilqua (2014) Matthew Broadley Michael Cheney
24th Gilqua (2015) Peter Otzen Kiyan van Rensburg
25th Gilqua (2016) Liz Broadley Robert van Wyk
26th Gilqua (2017) Ryan Hultzer James Barnard
27th Gilqua (2018) Ryan Hultzer Stuart Vidal-Hall
28th Gilqua (2019) Mario Penso Jamie Fraser
29th Gilqua (2022) Jason Raad Robyn-Anne Hyslop
30th Gilqua (2023) Michael Ketterer Byron Kingwill
31st Gilqua (2024) James Stewart Sofie Watermeyer