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Why do Meerkats sing?

Dens are the place where Scouts learn to sing.

  1. Singing is integral to Scouting
  2. Singing makes everyone happy and smiling
  3. Singing encourages proper behaviour, working together, concentration and discipline
  4. A song is a great time filler at the end of a meeting
  5. Songs are part of the campfire tradition

Scout songs come from a long background, and they do not change very much. Wherever you go, you will find the same songs. This builds a sense of community and sharing. When another Den has a new and different song, it is exciting, and your repertoire can expand.

When singing songs, remember two points:

1.  Start the song in a high register, or the children won’t be able to join in

2.  Know how long a song takes (some can be very long) and know when to end a song off.

Types of Songs

Songs come in many different types. Recognising types will help plan a campfire.

Type Example
Add-on song           And the Green Grass Grew
Leave-off song         Head, shoulders, knees and toes
Round song                    Kookaburra
Chorus song             Singing in the Rain
Repeat after me song     Lion hunt
Action song               My bonnie lies over the ocean
Ballad                       On top of spaghetti
Other language song   Frere Jacques / Umzi watcha / Bobbejaan klim die berg
Quiet song                 Kumbayah
A song about fire           Campfire’s burning
Silly song                       Ging gang gooli

Some songs fall into more than one category. e.g. Singing in the Rain is also an action song and an add on song.

All songs are listed under Campfire Songs. Some songs used by Cubs and Scouts may not be appropriate for Meerkats, e.g. My Sergeant Major. Check them first.

Music for songs you might not know can be found on the internet.

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