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Meerkat Instruction Badge

A Meerkat Instructor is usually a senior Scout who spends a minimum of 6 months helping the Den Scouter with the Meerkat Den. The Meerkat Instructor badge is a Challenge Award.


  • The Den Scouter needs approval of the Troop Scouter and Scout Group Leader for the services of a Scout. Alternatively, the District Commissioner, Rover Scouter, or Guide in Charge should be consulted for the services of a Rover, a Ranger Guide or Ranger, to act as a Meerkat Instructor.
  • To qualify as Meerkat Instructors, Scouts or Guides must be 14 (fourteen) years of age and must have gained the Discoverer Badge or equivalent.
  • A Meerkat Instructor is entitled, after six month's service with the Den, on the recommendation of the Den Scouter, Scout Group Leader, and with the approval of the Troop Scouter or branch leader, to wear a Meerkat Instructor badge, positioned as described in the Uniform Policy.

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