Oarsman Scoutcraft Badge

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Badge requirements

  1. Pass or have passed the requirements of the Watermanship Scoutcraft Badge.
  2. Demonstrate how to load a pulling boat with stores and personnel, and how to trim the boat correctly.
  3. Explain the following:
    1. Safety rules applicable to boating in your area.
    2. The International Rules of the Road concerning right of way of power boats, Oarsman boats, canoes, and boats under sail.
    3. Rules applicable to personal buoyancy.
    4. How and why you would check the boat for buoyancy.
  4. Discuss the signs of approaching bad weather as well as fine weather for your area.
  5. Understand and demonstrate the resuscitation of the apparently drowned.
  6. Demonstrate:
    1. The following knots:
      1. Anchor Bend (Fisherman Bend)
      2. Water Bowline
      3. Rolling Hitch
      4. Sheet bend
      5. Double Sheet bend
      6. Carrick Bend
    2. How to prevent a synthetic rope from fraying.
  7. Name all the parts of a pulling boat, oars, and rudder.
  8. On land, cast a heaving line at least 8 metres to fall within 2 markers spaced 2 metres apart.
  9. Using a gig or similar craft row at least 100 metres double banked, turn the craft as directed and row back. A coxswain may keep the boat straight.
  10. Log at least 3 hours of pulling. The log must be certified by your Troop Scouter.

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