Watermanship Scoutcraft Badge

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The activities used are in this badge is to assist in a scout get the basic understanding of boating (nautical) knowledge and water safety.

Badge requirements

  1. Have passed the Swimming Scoutcraft Badge or complete all the requirements for it. Be prepared to be examined on any requirement of the Scoutcraft Badge, with an age appropriate level of skill.
  2. Explain how to be safe around water.
  3. Understand and apply the buddy system.
  4. Demonstrate how to wear and care for a Personal Floatation Device.
  5. Board a canoe or river kayak (not a polo boat) in the correct way and paddle a course of 200m defined by the examiner.
  6. Act as crew for an older scout on a dinghy for at least 30 minutes.
  7. Act as an oarsman on a pulling boat for at least 30 minutes
  8. Demonstrate the following knots:
    1. Reef knot
    2. Figure of 8 Knot

Requirements in PDF

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