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A badge to challenge you senses and teach you the great bushman art of observation and tracking. This badge is a prerequisite for the Veldcraft Interest Badge.

Badge requirements

  1. Play Kim's Game and after one minute of observation remember correctly 24 out of 30 well-assorted articles. The test is to be repeated twice running with different articles and each article is to be adequately described.
  2. Blindfolded, correctly identify 8 out of 10 simple sounds by hearing only.
  3. Blindfolded, identify 8 out of 10 common substances by smell only.
  4. Blindfolded, identify 12 out of 15 common articles by touch only.
  5. Explain the characteristics of human footprints, with and without boots or shoes. Be able to identify correctly the following tracks made by a person in sand or soft earth: walking; walking backwards; limping; carrying a weight; running.
  6. Correctly identify the following cloud formations (from pictures where natural examples are not available), and explain the weather associated with each:
    1. Cumulus.
    2. Cumulo-nimbus.
    3. Cirrus.
    4. Nimbo-stratus.
    5. Strato-cumulus.
    6. Alto stratus.
  7. Make three plaster casts of the tracks of wild animals or birds or make 5 sketches of different animal or bird tracks that you have observed out-of-doors. Identify the tracks.
  8. Complete ONE of the following:
    1. Correctly identify 10 different makes or models of cars on the road
    2. Correctly identify 10 different types of trees
    3. Correctly identify 10 different types of leaves
    4. Correctly identify 10 different types of insects.
    5. Correctly identify 10 different types of birds in the outdoors.

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