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The Quinn Trophy is aimed to be a fun competition that includes not only the whole Scout Troop, but also may involve family. There are a number of activities throughout the day, some testing Scouting skills, and others purely for competitive fun. The competition is usually hosted in October each year. It is usually held on the same day, just after the Cape Times Cross Country Competition.

The history of the Quinn Trophy

The Quinn Trophy was donated in 1980 by the Area Chairman at that time Clifford Harris. It was named in honour of our very first Area Commissioner at that time (previously we were a Division with a Divisional Commissioner), Frank "Kudu" Quinn. The 'Quinn Trophy' was and still is intended to be a 'fun event' for whole Troops teams. Scouts and supporters should attend and enjoy themselves with a certain amount of informal competition.

It is hoped that every Troop in the Region, no matter how small, new or inexperienced, will enter in all or even some of the day's team activities offered – just for the fun of it. Groups should encourage parents and friends to attend in a picnic like atmosphere, which would also help foster Group togetherness.

The Quinn Trophy is normally run on a Sunday in October each year, together with or as part of the JOTA (Jamboree on the Air) weekend. Many venues were used over the years like 'Brownsea Island' near Sandvlei, Rondebosch Common, but mostly our own Regional Campsites from Gilcape, Sandvlei, Gilray and in recent years combined with the Hawequas annual 'Open Day' or 'Free Camping Weekend' at Hawequas.

Also running concurrently with the Quinn Trophy, but as a separate Trophy not counting towards the Quinn, is the Cape Times Cross Country Competition going since 1924. The course is about 4km long and is split into a Junior (11 to under 14 years) and Senior (14 to under 18 years) section.

Competition fun events for the Quinn Trophy have also varied over the years, with about 6 to 8 fun items per competition. Items like: cooking a simple dish, a quiz, waterpolo, crossword puzzle, volleyball, obstacle course, stave pioneering, Frisbee knockouts, basic compass, tug-o-war, camouflage, kite making and flying, music making, tent pitching, raft building, first aid, chariot races, plaster casts, stilt making, missile launching, to mention but a few.

Troops would arrive and leave in full uniform, changing to camp easy clothes during the day event. The competition normally ends with a short Scouts' Own before the final parade, and the overall winner of the Quinn Trophy is the Troop that fares the best in all the fun activities offered on the day.

Quinn Trophy Winners

Year Winners Photo
2023 3rd Pinelands
2022 3rd Pinelands
2021 (not held)
2020 (not held)
2019 6th Rondebosch
2018 6th Rondebosch
2017 2nd Kenridge
2016 3rd Pinelands
2015 3rd Pinelands
2014 3rd Pinelands
2013 3rd Pinelands
2012 3rd Pinelands
2011 3rd Pinelands
2010 3rd Pinelands
2009 3rd Pinelands
2008 1st Bothasig
2007 1st Durbanville
2006 1st Bergvliet
2005 1st Durbanville
2004 1st Durbanville
2003 2nd Fish Hoek
2002 1st Durbanville
2001 1st Durbanville
2000 3rd Pinelands
1999 Unknown
1998 3rd Pinelands
1997 Unknown
1996 Unknown
1995 7th Green & Sea Point
1994 3rd Pinelands
1993 1st Strand
1992 1st Durbanville
1991 1st Northpine
1990 2nd Somerset West
1989 1st Durbanville
1988 1st Kenilworth
1987 Unknown
1986 1st Parow
1985 1st Parow
1984 1st Somerset West
1983 2nd Parow
1982 1st Pinelands
1981 1st Monte Vista and 1st Pinelands
1980 1st Pinelands

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