Rayner Trophy 1958 Report

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Route: Kraaifontain to Eerste River and Gilcape

Gilcape EersteRiver1.jpg

(In the late 1950's the area was still very rural and mainly farmlands. Ed)

The troops who did not enter a team in this year's competition missed a wonderful opportunity of training for seniors. It is not only a competition which tested their endurance and knowledge of Scouting, but also their nerve and scout spirit.

10 teams met at Kraaifontain station as the result of an advertisement in the Argus which read Rayner longing to meet you Kraaifontain station Saturday 3 p.m. do not be late judge widget.

General instructions were handed to leaders at 3 p.m. as well as the first hike instructions which was in code. At 3:05 p.m. before anyone had got even organised the first incident occurred. a large green car driven by a chauffeur with three passengers pulled up at the station and an elderly man supported by a younger man got out of the car and was most annoyed when he discovered that he had missed the train. With a loud voice he demanded to see Dr Anthony and was most reluctant to get back into the car but in the end he did and y was driven off. Many recognised the voice of kudu Quinn behind a large moustache and under a bowler hat and so took some note of what was going on. They failed to note that all the registration numbers bar one were covered over and so when they came across the car later in the course of the hike they probably made a note of the whole number.

Some teams solved the code without aid others had to open the first envelope while others had to open the second envelope and in so doing last marks for solving the code. Having solved the code teams found that this was the first instruction for the hike which brought them after a mile or so upon a car. It was obvious that obvious that there had been an accident for the driver was missing and the lady and underlay under the car. The first aid rendered was not very effective but more of that elsewhere. Troops do not seem to practice their first aid in this manner.

Instructions handed out after this case two teams to the Brackenfell quarry the drop was 30 feet. Many teams took far too long trying to make up their minds what they were going to do. it was noticed that the team which won the competition formed their plans were the first to get down the wall of the quarry and as a result they were in camp nearly an hour before the next team.

From the quarry a rough sketch map guided the team to the campsite and yet three teams turned right instead of left and found themselves at Brackenfell station some 3 miles off course.

On arrival at campsite a bivouac had to be made. This was not an easy job when teams arrived in the dark between 7 and 8:30 p.m.. Most Court in after 9pm. There was only one test that evening. at 9:45 p.m. leaders were given a sausage and some tea and told to make a snack and a cup of tea. Most of the results were good the judge being served with sausages between rolls and in two cases with toast and tomato slices.

It rained during the night, most slept dry but one team just could not be bothered to build a baby a bivouac. They slept in a tent while the others were so mean with their thatching well they got wet. The bivouacs were quite good in most cases considering that they were made by torchlight.

Some spirits were not very high but there was no grumbling during the day of rain many were not prepared for soaked closed and did not have a change but it was a competition they will talk about for many years to come.

Chief Judge: E ‘Fatty’ Rutter