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The Rover motto is "Service" - a reminder of the 3 pillars of service that all Rovers try to take into account throughout their lives.

The 3 Pillars of Service

Service to Self

The first 'service' a Rover must render is to themself. This does not mean selfishness, but rather self-improvement. As a young adult, this can mean learning the tools needed to start a career, obtain a driver's license, study or find spiritual fulfillment. As a Rover gets older, this can be the development of leadership skills or even learning the responsibilities needed when starting a family.

Rovering provides a platform for this type of development to take place in an organic way, where we can all take a friend or mentor role in helping each other develop. Aside from pure guidance, we also offer training in skills and allow our Rovers to take ownership of projects where they can test their own abilities at their own pace, and hopefully grow as a person from their experiences.

Service to the Community

Service to our Community is the second pillar a Rover is encouraged to follow. This is encouraged through the planning of community service projects, as well as involvement in projects organised by other organizations. Individual Rovers are encouraged to take initiative and get down and dirty in a proactive way.

The types of community service that Rovers do can vary do to accommodate issues that Crew members feel strongly about, including endangered wildlife surveys, distributing food to underprivileged communities and running events for children's shelters.

Service to the Scout Movement

The final part of a Rover 'service' is the Scout Movement.  As a member of SCOUTS South Africa, all Rovers can employ the Scout Method to help children to gain vital leadership skills, independence and good moral fiber.

While most of this program is carried out by Scout Troops and Cub Packs, Rovers often try to bring new elements of fun and excitement to the children and support the efforts of the Scout Group. This is done by running events, competitions and training activities that can be as small as a team-building activity for 20 children, or as large as a provincial-scale competition. Feeding back into the other pillars of service, these events are also used as opportunities for Rovers to develop themselves, eg. to gain administrative experience.