Sailing Scoutcraft Badge

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Badge requirements

  1. Have passed the Watermanship Scoutcraft Badge.
  2. Recognise 5 different types of sailing craft.
  3. Identify and name:
    1. Main parts of a sailing craft.
    2. The parts of a sail (Mainsail and Foresail).
    3. Parts of the rigging.
  4. Know the signs of approaching bad weather as well as fine weather for your area.
  5. Explain the following:
    1. Safety rules applicable to boating in your area.
    2. The International Rules of the Road concerning right of way of power boats, Oarsman boats, canoes, and boats under sail.
    3. Rules applicable to personal buoyancy.
    4. Why and how you would check a boat for buoyancy.
  6. Demonstrate the following knots:
    1. Figure of eight knot
    2. Sheet bend
    3. Double Sheet Bend
    4. Bowline
    5. Reef knot
    6. Anchor Bend
    7. Round turn and two half hitches
    8. Rolling hitch
    9. Carrick bend
  7. How to prevent synthetic ropes from fraying.
  8. Demonstrate the following:
    1. Rig a sailing boat and prepare for sailing.
    2. After sailing, de-rig the boat.
    3. The proper care and storage of equipment.
    4. Rescue a conscious man from the water.
    5. Discuss and carry out capsize drill.
  9. Show that you are an efficient member of a sailing crew. Take the helm and sail the boat on all points of sailing including getting under way, coming alongside, and making fast.
  10. Log at least 3 hours of sailing. The log must be certified by your Troop Scouter.

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