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This badge exposes a scout to the basics of survival and the dangers they could face when lost in the wild. This badge is a pre-requirement for Backwoodsman Scout Interest Badge.

Badge requirements

  1. Know the four main needs to be satisfied in a survival situation. Discuss:
    1. The various ways in which these needs can be satisfied.
    2. Discuss the useful items that could be included in your kit in case this type of emergency should arise on an expedition.
  2. Build a weatherproof shelter from natural materials or groundsheets (overhanging rock and cliffs excluded) and sleep in it alone or with another Scout for at least one night.
  3. Lay and light a fire outdoors, without matches, using an alternative method such as magnifying glass, binoculars, flint and steel, friction, bow and drill or batteries.
  4. With raw ingredients (not dehydrated), cook over an open fire a meal consisting of a main course (utensils and aluminium foil excluded) and a twist or damper.
  5. Demonstrate any method of rendering muddy water fit for human consumption.
  6. Demonstrate two methods of finding true North during the day and two methods at night, without the aid of a compass or map.
  7. Recognise and identify three poisonous snakes in your area and know the precautions to take to avoid being bitten by snakes.

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