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SCOUTS South Africa has a uniform policy that applies to all branches. The following items of uniform are common to everyone and must be worn by all members of SSA:

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Standard uniform options

The standard shirt colour is khaki for Land Scouts, navy or white for Sea Scouts, and light blue for Air Scouts. Groups can elect to wear the official purple golf shirt instead. Meerkats wear either the green Meerkat golf shirt or the standard purple t-shirt.

Group uniform

Each Scout Group may select the most appropriate form of uniform, given their individual circumstances, from the standard options given in the Uniform Policy.

As far as possible, all items of uniform should be similar between the different units (Den, Pack, Troop, and Crew) within a Group, with slight variations for different ages or genders acceptable.

Participants at District, Regional or National activities are not required to wear the same uniform, and no-one may be excluded because of their uniform option.

Safety, cultural and activity wear

When running any Scout activities, the primary priority is the safety of the members. Weather and other conditions must be taken into account. The well-being of members is more important than formal dress.

All members may wear activity clothing suitable for the event. This should preferably be Scout branded casual wear. The appropriate scarf and woggle may be worn for any activity.

Members of faith communities may wear appropriate clothing of a style and fashion in accordance with their beliefs as part of their Scout uniform with approval from their Regional Commissioner.

Campfire blankets and jackets

Any of the current or historically recognised badges, scarves or insignia of SSA may be used on campfire blankets or jackets, as long as it is not used in a derogatory or disparaging manner.

The SCOUTS South Africa badge (purple flash) may be worn on any outer garment, that is in compliance with the SSA Retail Policy, in a similar place to that on the uniform.

Discarding a uniform

When discarding or donating a uniform, all Scout badges, insignia and emblems should first be removed.

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