Your responsibilities as a Cub first aider

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Silver Wolf: First Aid - Know the importance of summoning adult help in the case of accidents.

One day, you may have to prove your ability to stay calm in an emergency, which could mean saving someone's life. Your job will be to offer First Aid - the first bit of help - to make sure the victim is breathing, and to stop bleeding.

Why we give First Aid

There are three aims of First Aid:

  • Stop life-threatening dangers
  • Keep the victim safe from further harm
  • Get proper medical help

The importance of summoning adult help

Even if you do not know First Aid, there is something very important you can do. Every Cub, no matter how small, is capable of getting help or giving support. Sometimes, the most useful thing you can do is to get the help of a more experienced person.

If you are alone with an injured person, do not leave them, but shout and shout until someone comes to help. If there are two people at the scene of the accident, the younger one can run to the nearest house or road to get help.

As a Cub First Aider, your main job is to start emergency treatment such as mouth-to-mouth respiration if the victim has stopped breathing. A Cub who can start emergency treatment could very well save a life.

When you learn First Aid, you will learn how to help the victim in an emergency, but remember you are NOT a doctor. The most important thing, for a Cub First Aider, is to find someone to take over from you. Once you have given emergency treatment, you MUST find adult help as quickly as possible, and contact a doctor. If there is someone with you when you start treatment, send them to get help immediately.

Your responsibilities as a First Aider

  • Always give your name and tell the victim that you are a first aider.
  • Ask the victim's permission to help them. If they are unconscious or unable to give permission, you are allowed to help them.
  • Only perform procedures that you have been taught.
  • Always treat the victim with respect.