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The term Backwoods denotes skills and experience in matters relating to living and thriving in the wild, such as hunting, fishing, and camping (whether on a short- or long-term basis).

Food and water


Solar Still: for collecting water in dry regions, or obtaining drinking water from dirty or salty water

Traps And Snares

Nooses and deadfall traps for capturing animals in a survival situation, and rules for using traps in a survival situation

Cooking and Recipes

Recipes for cooking on a fire without implements, including spud egg, potatoes, bundu mielie, fiji oven, kebabs, fish, twisters, dampers and more.


Survival shelters constructed from natural materials


Poisonous Snakes

Puff adder, berg adder, horned adder, cape cobra, rinkhals, black mamba, green mamba, boomslang

Diseases Of The Outdoors

Bilharzia, Typhoid, Malaria, Mountain Sickness, Leeches

Finding North And South

Finding Celestial South Pole

Finding direction using the stars (Southern Cross) or using the sun and a watch


See Distress signals for more details.


See Stalking and Tracking for more details.

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