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9/10/1945 - 26/2/2011

Errol was born on the 9th October 1945 and was invested as a Cub in the 1st Somerset Pack by the late Arthur Case. He then moved up to the Troop gaining his Springbok Award in 1963 and his Chief Scouts Award in 1964. After serving his National Service in the S.A. Navy Errol returned to the Troop as a Scouter and by 1969 was Scoutmaster.

Errol gave the boys fun and adventure and at the same time encouraging them to grow mentally, physically and spiritually. He didn't tell them what not to do, but rather as Scoutmaster opened a world of good and right choices for them to decide and hopefully achieve their God-given potential.

During the 1970's Errol built the 1st Somerset West into one of the top Troops in the Western Cape, winning several competitions including the Rayner, Gordons and Tonkin. His enthusiasm was unbounded with the Troop enjoying several adventure camps planned and organised by Errol and his team of Assistants who were all infected by his leadership skills and imagination. He acquired a small bus and passed his P.S.V. driving license and organised trips for Senior Scouts every year. These included trips to game parks, Fish River Canyon and Zululand.

Errol was meticulous and conscientious - he planned and executed well and he attracted competent and enthusiastic people. He was paramount in moving the old Scout hall from behind the railway station to where it now stands and worked indefatigably with the Group Committee to raise funds and build new premises for the Group and the accommodation at the Group H.Q. to-day is a lasting memorial to his devotion to the Scout Movement.

At Provincial level he sacrificed many hours for Competitions where his enthusiasm and organising abilities were much appreciated, especially in connection with the Senior Scout Adventure. In the early years of the Adventure his Somerset West team provided us with superb meals for a number of years at Headquarters. At National Level he took senior roles in International Jamborees.

When his son moved up from Cubs to Scouts Errol once again became very involved with 1st Somerset West as Group Chairman but as his business connections involved frequent prolonged overseas trips, he reluctantly resigned from this position but never lost his love of 1st Somerset West and Scouting.

Here are comments from ex scouts:-

"I am grateful that I had the opportunity to tell Errol a year ago that, but for his guidance and caring, I for one would not have learnt many of the lessons that I so needed in my formative years. Errol's selfless work in the Somerset West community lives on in the lives of all of us who were blessed to have been taught the skills which have served us so well in later life". Hennie Kruger:

"Errol and the 1st Somerset West Scout Troop were responsible for the happiest days of my youth (1975 - 1979). Hiking, adventure, camaraderie, fun, camping and more were all part of the days spent as a Scout and Errol's guiding hand and quiet authority were ever present, and not forgetting the high standards he set as a Scout and good humour that brought to all the activities." Guy Fowle

Errol has gone home. May he rest in peace.