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Badge requirements

Home Carer
Home Carer
  1. Have passed the First Aid Scoutcraft Badge and be able to re-demonstrate those skills. OR Complete all the requirements for the First Aid Scoutcraft Badge.
  2. Demonstrate your knowledge about the need to wash your hands and understand how to keep healthy and clear of infection.
  3. Demonstrate how to:
    1. Prepare and ventilate (air) a sick room.
    2. Change a bed with a patient in the bed.
    3. Take temperature, pulse, and respiration.
    4. Prop up a patient in bed and make the patient comfortable in a sitting position.
  4. Explain what to check before assisting a patient to take their medication and know the necessary precautions to be taken in the handling and storage of drugs and medicines.
  5. Show your knowledge of bedsores and their causes.
  6. Demonstrate how to:
    1. Bed-bath a patient.
    2. Brush a patient's teeth.
    3. Keep the mouth clean.
    4. Shave a patient.
    5. Brush hair and make it tidy.
    6. Cut nails.
  7. Complete ONE of the following:
    • Friend to the Blind:
    1. Know the best way to Guiding and helping a blind person.
    2. Know what organisation/amenities cater for the blind.
    3. Prove that you have used your knowledge in the service of others.
    • Friend to the Deaf:
    1. Be able to use the manual alphabet and know when it is possible to use this method.
    2. Understand the importance of lip reading and the correct position to adopt in order to give the lip reader the best chance of reading lips.
    3. Understand how sound is normally heard and know the functions of the three part of the ear.
    4. Prove that you have used your knowledge in the service of others.
    • Friend to the Disabled:
    1. Know a little about the national council for the handicapped, where they are located and how to contact them.
    2. Visit a local home and know the type of handicapped person for whom it caters.
    3. Know how to handle an epileptic or similar fit.
    4. Know the general precautions to be taken when dealing with this type of person.
    5. Under supervision, help with a handicapped person and show that you understand their needs.
    6. Know why handicapped people should be stimulated. Describe the stimulation programme of the person they/you are assisting
  8. Complete ONE of the following:
    • Baby Care
    1. Spend time with an infant (under the age two). Watch the child carefully and keep a record of your discoveries.
    2. Find out what immunisations are necessary for children and why.
    3. Demonstrate that you know how to hold, feed and drees an infant.
    4. Be able to change a nappy and understand the important of cleanliness, the dangers of nappy rash etc.
    5. Prepare a meal/snack or bottle of formula for an infant. Understand the danger of diarrhoea and how to prevent dehydration in infants.
    6. Explain what toys are suitable for the particular age of the infant you are working with.
    7. Decide what you would need if you were taking an infant on an all-day outing. Explain why you would include each item.
    8. Know how to do CPR for babies
    • Childcare (Children aged 3 – 5)
    1. Part One:
      1. Know how a child should be clothed in summer and winter.
      2. Know what food is suitable for them.
      3. Know what kind of play materials should be given.
      4. Plan a day recognising the important or regular routine.
      5. Know how to prevent accidents in the home and garden and around water
    2. Part Two:
      • Take charge of a child or small group of children for part of a day under the supervision of an adult. This should include:
      1. Helping them to wash before a meal and serving a meal; or putting them to bed.
      2. Setting out suitable material for play and watching them play – joining in if a child requires it.
      3. Tell a story to them.
      4. Know how to deal with chocking and CPR for children

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