Independent Rover Crews

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An Independent Crew is open to Scouts from all Groups and could normally have a uniform scarf which is different from any Group. The Independent Crew is accountable to the DC and they should be represented at the District Scouters Council. An Independent Crew needs to submit their financials to the District directly.

Many of the problems faced by Independent Crews are the reverse of those faced by a Group. Firstly, unless it is lucky, the Crew might not have direct contact with many Senior Scouts in the District and will have to put in extra effort to go and speak to the Troop Scouter and Court of Honour of each Troop to seek viable members to recruit.

When an Independent Crew starts, with members from a number of Groups, there may be less common experiences to help the members bond together. It is important to use all opportunities to build an identity, through regalia and the like. A special effort will be required to build the Crew spirit and have common experiences to share and form bonds.

These will be a good starting point for developing the loyalty that will be crucial to the Crew's success.