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Scouting from home is a place where you can find resources and programme ideas to run programmes that Meerkats, Cubs, Scouts and Rovers can do from their home. Be creative, and add your own ideas and programmes below. It is encouraged that programmes are as reusable as possible, so please avoid having Group names or logos in the programmes.



  • Weekly Campfire Chats - We are running a series of virtual 'Campfire Chats' for Adult Leaders in the movement. Join us on Thursdays at 7pm on Zoom and get the campfire chat password by emailing
  • #HikeToMahikeng - SCOUTS South Africa challenges all Meerkats, Cubs, Scouts, Rovers, adults and parents to get up, get moving and step into BP's footsteps by virtually making your way along the historical trail he followed from Cape Town to Mahikeng. Join the global #HikeToMahikeng!
  • Jars of Hope - a community service project for Mandela Day n 18 July 2020
  • City Nature Challenge - Cubs and Scouts took part in this international competition to put their cities on the Biodiversity Map by taking photos of plants, animals, birds and insects and uploading them to the iNaturalist app or website. The main 2020 event took place from 24-27 April, but observations can be submitted year-round. Because of lockdown, this year's event took place in the homes and gardens of our Cubs and Scouts! To take part you need a smartphone with camera and GPS turned on, a Wi-Fi connection or data for the phone, the iNaturalist app installed and signed up, and to join the "Scouts South Africa" project on iNaturalist.
  • National Virtual Campfire - Scouts and Cubs around the country shared their campfire songs and stories which we collated into a 30 minute fun-filled National Virtual Campfire that premiered on YouTube on Friday 1 May. Join in the spirit of our first National Virtual Campfire, relax, light your fire and have fun!
  • Join your regional Mailing Lists to get the latest updates for Scouting in your region and around South Africa.

Meerkat programmes

Cub programmes

Scout programmes

Programme examples

Programme Focus area
First Aid Programme (docx) First Aid
Robin Hood (1), the beginning Survival
Robin Hood (2), Into Nottingham Forest Survival
Robin Hood (3), Preparing to strike back Survival
Robin Hood (4), The end of the sheriff Survival
The spirit of Kontiki (1) – all alone again Pioneering and Camping
The spirit of Kontiki (2) – a statue helps out Pioneering and Camping
The spirit of Kontiki (3) – ready to build Pioneering and Camping
The spirit of Kontiki (4) - the great escape Pioneering and Camping
Home Sweet Home Safety Awareness
Home Sweet Home - Super Patrol Patrol Activities
Home Sweet Home - Getting Out There Patrol Activities, Physical Fitness Scout Interest Badge, Pioneering Scoutcraft Badge
Home Sweet Home - The Final Stretch
The Dringles – Welcome To The Run
The Dringles – Journey To The Runnymead
The Dringles – The Runnymead
The Dringles – Finishing Up
The Dringles – Return To The Run
The Dringles – Celebration
The N*S*A – Basic Training
The N*S*A – Mission 1
The N*S*A – In the Footsteps of Earhart
The N*S*A – Operation Bombadier
The N*S*A – The Durban Covid Conference
The N*S*A – All's Well That Ends Well
  • Add your programmes here...

Rover programmes

  • @gautengrovers Instagram account The Gauteng Rover Advisory has been posting programme suggestions and event ideas throughout the lockdown. See their past ideas and keep up to date with their upcoming suggestions on Instagram.
Advancement and Awards
Crew Socials

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