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Scouts and knots go hand in hand. So enjoy the great skill of tying knots and learn about the great projects you can build.

Great ideas for having fun with your Patrol or Troop!

Badge requirements


  1. Whip both ends of a rope using a Simple whipping and know on what types of ropes this whipping is best suited.
  2. Using the ropes you have whipped, tie the following knots, and demonstrate their uses.
    1. Bowline
    2. Clove hitch
    3. Figure-of-eight knot
    4. Fisherman's knot
    5. Marlinspike hitch
    6. Reef knot
    7. Rolling hitch
    8. Round turn and two half hitches
    9. Sheepshank
    10. Sheet bend
    11. Taut line hitch
    12. Timber Hitch
  3. Make the following lashings with a high degree of efficiency, and know the uses of each:
    1. Diagonal lashing
    2. Figure-of-eight lashing
    3. Round lashing
    4. Sheer lashing
    5. Square lashing
  4. Have read the SCOUTS South Africa Safe Scouting Policy: Practice Notes - Pioneering and be prepared to discuss this with the examiner in respect of the following:
    1. General Pioneering safety
    2. Pioneering design and construction
    3. Rope and spar care, safety and storage
  5. Construct two of the following projects, working in a Patrol of four to six scouts or on your own:
    1. Camp Table or Camp Dresser - Using lashings
    2. Flagpole - At least 3m high using round lashings
    3. Model Bridge - (Monkey bridge or Trestle bridge)
    4. Raft - To carry two persons, and demonstrate it on water
    5. Scout Transporter or Haymaker Bridge
    6. Or another equivalent project as approved by the examiner
  6. Complete ONE of the above pioneering projects AND participate as a member of a Patrol, in one Patrol / Springbok / Pioneer Scout Interest Badge construction project from the following list:
    1. Bridge (Monkey, Abington Spring, etc.) - Spanning at least a 5m gap
    2. Camp Furniture - An item of suitable complexity, as approved by the examiner
    3. Flagpole - At least 5m high
    4. Gateway - Self-supporting
    5. Tower - At least 4m high

Requirements in PDF

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