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Are you excited to become an adult volunteer? More children and youth are asking to be part of the Scouting adventure! For that to be possible we need adults to volunteer their time and expertise.

Want more information on what to expect and which steps to take? This Scouting for Adults will guide you through it!

Fill in the Application for Adult Membership Form and email it to the Scout Group Leader of the Group you are joining. Alternatively, email it to or your local Regional Scout Office! See you soon!


The reasons why people become involved as volunteer leaders are myriad - some of us become involved having been Scouts (or Guides) whilst others have a strong family history of Scouting membership. Perhaps you are a newcomer, attracted by the interest of your children, or you have heard of Scouting and wish to expand your involvement in your community.

If you are new to the Movement, you could be unsure of what your involvement would mean to you and your family. The ceremonies, uniforms, programmes and just exactly how you fit into the structure can be overwhelming at first. This section will point you to resources that explain what you can expect from SCOUTS South Africa (SSA) and what SSA and its members will expect from you.

Whatever your motivation, you are now beginning an exciting journey that will, if you decide to join SSA, make you part of a team that is dedicated to sharing the personal growth opportunities offered by Scouting with as many people as possible. Scouting has many faces across the world, but it is universally acknowledged as being the only youth programme that develops young people by using a balanced programme of activities designed to help prepare them to cope with the world as responsible citizens and balanced human beings.

We trust that you will have an enriching and enjoyable experience as a volunteer in SSA. It is good to have you join us!


Flow chart

To become an adult volunteer in Scouting you need to complete a Application for Adult Membership ("AAM form"). This is submitted to the Scout Group Leader who will arrange an interview. You are also required to obtain a police clearance certificate. The SGL will submit your form to the District Commissioner or Regional Commissioner. Once approved, you will be invested as a member.

Scouters then need to complete the required courses. To serve in any position in a Scout Group you need complete a Role and Warrant Application ("RALA form").

Adults become uniformed members of SSA when they are invested as members. They are then entitled to wear the World Scout Badge and, where applicable, Scout uniform.

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