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This page describes the locations where the different badges should be sewn onto a SCOUTS South Africa adult leader's uniform.

Aging out from Scouts

On turning 18 and taking on Adult Membership, a Scout shall remove all Scout and Cub Programme badges, Challenge badges and cords that they have earned, with the exception of the Springbok Award.

However, they continue to wear the World Scout Membership Badge and other membership emblems such as that of South Africa, their Region, District, and Group (if applicable) as they never ceased being a member.

They may continue to wear the Springbok Award until turning 21. On turning 21, the Springbok Award must be removed and replaced with the Adult Springbok Bar worn above the right pocket.

Adult roles

On standard shirt and blouse uniforms, adult members may wear a name tape showing their role(s) above the left pocket.

Scouters in Groups wear one of the following:

  • Assistant Den, Pack or Troop Scouter
  • Den, Pack, Troop or Rover Scouter
  • Scout Group Leader

Invested Rovers shall wear a role name tape reading “Rovers”. District and Regional Commissioners wear a “Commissioner” role name tape. Members of the Regional Team, such as Support Team Members, wear a “Regional Team” name tape. Members of the Manco, Adult Leader Training, and RTCs wear a “National Team” name tape.

A Scouter who holds more than one Warrant should wear the scarf, uniform and badges appropriate to your role at the particular occasion. When this is not practical, you should wear the scarf, uniform and badges of the role in which you are most commonly active.

A Rover who also hold a warranted position as Scouter, are permitted to wear either:

  • the Rover uniform with the addition of the role name tape relevant to your Scouter Role, or
  • the adult Scouter uniform described here, with the addition of epaulettes when appearing as a Rover.

Temporary badges

Temporary emblems, such as badges for jamborees, International, National or Regional events and other Manco approved special badges are worn above the right pocket.

Only one temporary emblem is worn at a time and may only be worn for a maximum of six months after the event. It may be replaced at any time by any more recent, temporary emblem.

The National Challenge badge is worn in the same location as, or as an alternative to, a temporary emblem. It may be worn for the next calendar year.

Additional training or service

An Adult Leader may wear any combination of up to four of the additional training badges at any one time. This includes:

If they have more than four, the adult may select from those for which they are eligible, but typically would wear the most advanced or recent qualifications.

Awards, medals and emblems

A member may wear up to four badges for awards they have received, from the categories of Advancement and/or Long Service, Merit, or Bravery as described in the National Recognition and Awards Policy. The badges are worn in two rows of two above the right breast pocket. The numerals on the adult uniform show the order of placement of award emblems.

  • For Advancement, both the Springbok and BP Award bars may be worn.
  • In the case of Long Service, Merit, or Bravery awards, only the highest award in any category is worn at a time, and is replaced if a higher award in the category is received.

In general usage only the corresponding cloth badge will be worn. For formal functions, such as BP Sunday, AGMs, award events or formal ceremonies, the medals themselves should be worn. For a pinned medal, the medal is worn over the corresponding cloth badge, while orders are worn around the neck hanging over the scarf.

Parents of Springbok Scouts

An adult who is the parent of a Springbok Scout may wear the Springbok Parent metal pin above the left pocket, or similar position on a blouse.

Name badges

Adult Scouters may optionally wear a name badge on the left breast above the pocket, or in equivalent position on shirt without pockets. The specific style or format of the name badge is not prescribed but should not exceed the width of the pocket or 4 cm in width (height).

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