Crew Closing Ceremony

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The Crew ClosingCeremony should be used by Rover Crews to close all formal meetings, particularly those taking place inside the Rover Den. Each Crew is encouraged to adapt the ceremony to their own unique needs and traditions.

SCOUTS South Africa Crew Opening Ceremony

RS/Chair: As this sheath protects the sword* may God protect our Movement.
Crew remains silent while sword* is sheathed.
RS/Chair: O God, watch our Rovers everywhere. Especially those of us gathered here tonight. Watch over us during the hours of darkness. Through His name’s sake. Amen.

*The sword is the symbol of St George and his journey of Knighthood. A Crew may choose any symbolic weapon, e.g. spear, battle axe, assegai etc. instead of a sword.

**Any similar prayer can be said depending on the denomination chosen by your Crew.

Traditional Crew Closing Ceremony

Rover Scouter or Crew Council chairperson calls the Crew to the alert
RS/Chair: O Almighty God, we pray for your blessing on those who have joined together in the Rover movement. Grant that we may so work and play, think and pray together that they may be more perfectly fitted to serve you and our younger brothers and sisters in the work to which You have called them. Help us to look wide, fill us with high ideals, inspire us with love and goodwill to all humanity, that we may rightly lead our fellow Scouts in the path of chivalry and honour. Amen
RS/Chair takes the sword from the table and holds it out in front of themself
A Rover takes the sheath and holds it ready
RS/Chair: May God protect our movement as this sheath protects this sword.
RS/Chair sheathes the sword and gives the sign for dismissal