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Ceremonies play an important role in Rovers. Like other Branches of Scouting, formal Rover meetings are opened and closed with a ceremony that involves saluting the Crew flag.

Whilst there are a number of symbolic gestures a Crew may choose to use as part of the Knighthood (or equivalent) theme in an Investiture and a number of standard protocols followed in Scouting circles, each Crew should attempt to make the ceremony as significant and memorable for the person receiving the recognition as possible, being careful to retain the dignity and formality of the occasion.

For that reason, a Rover should know the format of any ceremony they are going to conduct or participate in before they begin - so some preparation will be required. Make sure all the "props" or equipment needed are ready and anyone who should be attending (such as a Sponsor) is invited. Use words and phrases that are significant to the people involved and try not to just read words without meaning.

If the ceremony seems too long and needs to be revitalised, discuss this at a Crew Council meeting, as the idea behind these ceremonies is to make it special to the individual. Each of these ceremonies could be entirely unique to each Crew. The idea is not to read the words off a piece of paper or tablet. The person conducting the ceremony should be confident enough to run the ceremony with meaning.

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