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The Cub Trail can be downloaded from the SCOUTS South Africa website: Cub Trail.

Cub Membership

World Scout badge.jpg

When you join the Cub Pack, you must first complete all the requirements for the Cub Membership badge. Then you can be invested, which means you can wear the Cub uniform and scarf and the special badge which Cubs, Scouts and leaders all over the world wear on their left pocket.

Silver Wolf

SilverWolf.png Green Paw - Awareness Challenge.png Yellow Paw - Community Challenge.png Blue Paw - Outdoor Challenge.png Red Paw - Aptitude Challenge.png

Once you are invested as a Cub, you will work towards your Silver Wolf badge. Along the way to the Silver Wolf you will earn four badges: the Awareness Challenge (Green Paw), Community Challenge (Yellow Paw), Outdoor Challenge (Blue Paw), and Aptitude Challenge (Red Paw), plus the Promise and Law Challenge. Completing the Silver Wolf should take about 2 years.

Gold Wolf

GoldWolf.png Caracal - Awareness Challenge.png Cheetah - Community Challenge.png Leopard - Outdoor Challenge.png Lion - Aptitude Challenge.png

After your Silver Wolf, you will work towards your Gold Wolf badge. Again, you will earn four challenge badges along the way: Awareness Challenge (Caracal), Community Challenge (Cheetah), Outdoor Challenge (Leopard) and Aptitude Challenge (Lion), plus the Promise and Law Challenge.

Leaping Wolf


Once you are 10, you are in your final year at Cubs, and you can work towards your Leaping Wolf badge, which is the highest award a Cub can earn.

Link Badge

Link Badge.png

Finally, when you are turning 11 and ready to go up to the Scout Troop, you will meet the Troop Scouter and the Scouts, and work on your Link Badge. This tells others that you have been a Cub and are now going up to the Scout Troop where you will continue your journey as a Scout.

Cub Interest Badges

While you are a Cub you can also earn Cub Interest Badges, and there are many to choose from, according to your own interests.

Location of Badges on the Uniform