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This page describes the locations where the different Cub badges should be sewn onto a Cub uniform.

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Burrowing up from Meerkats

When a Meerkat burrows up to Cubs, they will not wear any Meerkat Programme badges they have earned, with the exception of the Burrowing Up and the Gold Star badges.

The Burrowing Up badge may be worn on the left sleeve until they obtain their first Challenge badge.

The Gold Star may be worn on the Cub uniform above the left shirt pocket until the Silver Wolf Advancement badge is earned.

Temporary badges

Temporary emblems, such as badges for jamborees, International, National or Regional events and other Manco approved special badges are worn above the right pocket.

Only one temporary emblem is worn at a time and may only be worn for a maximum of six months after the event. It may be replaced at any time by any more recent, temporary emblem.

The National Challenge badge is worn in the same location as, or as an alternative to, a temporary emblem. It may be worn for the next calendar year.

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