Patrol Leader Training Course (PLTC)

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PLTC Badge
PLTC Badge

The Patrol Leader Training Course (PLTC) is a junior leadership training course for Scouts. It is aimed at those working on their First Class badge. While completion of this course is not required as a pre-requisite for Patrol Leader Training Unit (PLTU), it is recommended.

Scouts attending the course will be camping, and learn basic campsite development skills useful to take back to their patrols. They will play leadership themed games, and learn a number of introductory leadership concepts. At the end of the course, the Scout will be able to fulfil a leadership role in their patrol, whether as an Assistant Patrol Leader or as Patrol Leader (PL).

The course is aimed at scouts aged 13-14 who hold Traveller Advancement Level and who are an APL or PL.

Content covered

  • What is the Patrol System? - Understand the basic principles of a patrol.
  • Patrol Organisation & Delegation - Describe the need for delegation and sharing of jobs.
  • Where does your patrol fit in? - Scouting Organogram.
  • Defining Leadership
  • Running a Scout's Own
  • Patrol Leaders Job - Discuss the functions of a PL and the difficulties in various areas.
  • Patrol Spirit and Identity - What is Patrol Spirit and what's it all about?
  • Patrol Games
  • Patrol Communication - Importance of good communication.
  • Project leadership
  • Patrol Meetings / Patrol-in-Council
  • Court of Honour - What is the COH? How does it operate? What is its purpose?
  • Law & Promise - What does the Law & Promise mean to us in everyday life?
  • Patrol Discipline - the meaning of good patrol discipline and discuss possible problems.
  • How to Instruct / Teach Skills - How to instruct younger scouts; how to teach a skill.
  • Campfires - What are Patrol Campfires?
  • Advancement through Activities - Explain the components of the Advancement program
  • Star Awards - What are the "Star Awards" and what is the purpose of them?

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