Reception of a Rover Squire

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The Squire Reception Ceremony should be used by Rover Crews to welcome newcomers to the Crew that have not become Crew members via the Going-up Ceremony after completion of the Rover network badge. Each Crew is encouraged to adapt the ceremony to their own unique needs and traditions.

Traditional Squire Reception Ceremony

The crew forms a semi-circle, with the Rover Scouter or Crew Council chairperson in centre, faced by candidates and sponsors
Candidates should be presented by a Rover who will serve as the candidate's Sponsor throughout their Squireship
Presenter: I present you [Candidate], a candidate for reception as a Rover Squire
RS/Chair: Are you satisfied that [Candidate] is trying and will try to act up to a Scout's obligations and become a worthy member of this Crew?
Presenter: I am
RS/Chair: Rovering is a fellowship of the Open Air and Service. In seeking to join, are you ready to improve your knowledge of practical Scouting and to pursue the open air life?
Candidate: I am
RS/Chair: Do you realise that your first duty is to your home and to establish yourself in life?
Candidate: I am
RS/Chair: Are you willing to train yourself for future service in the community?
Candidate: I am
RS/Chair: Do you accept the way if life set forth in the Scout Promise and Law?
Candidate: I am
RS/Chair: Then I would now like you to make the [Scout Promise] as a token of your sincerity and to complete your reception as a [Rover Squire].
All invested scouts present make the Scout Sign
Candidates and leader place their hands on the crew flag, which is lowered between them
Candidate repeats Scout Promise after the RS/Chaie
RS/Chair: On my honour I promise that I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
To help other people at all times
To obey the Scout Law
Crew flag is removed and Crew drop Scout Sign but remain at the alert
RS/Chair: I trust you on your honour to keep that promise [and now receive you into the Worldwide Scout Movement.]