Rover Investiture

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The Investiture Ceremony should be used by Rover Crews to invest a Squire who has completed the challenges laid out to them by the Crew and is ready to be made a formal member of the Crew. Each Crew is encouraged to adapt the ceremony to their own unique needs and traditions.

Traditional Crew Opening Ceremony

Rover Scouter or Crew Council chairperson calls the Crew to the alert
Rovers light the 10 candles while repeating the Scout Laws
RS/Chair: [Candidate] have you come with a desire to be invested as a Rover Scout in our world-wide fellowship?
Candidate: I have
RS/Chair: You have submitted yourself to a careful self-examination and you are aware of your past failings and current weaknesses. Knowing this, are you prepared to make a solemn promise to overcome these with the help of God and live according to the Scout way of life?
Candidate: I am
RS/Chair: Do you understand that by seeking investiture as a Rover, you are committing yourself to carry out service to others, in particular, service to the Scout Movement, even though the carrying out of such service may not always be convenient or pleasant and may call for sacrifices on your part?
Candidate: I do
RS/Chair: In ancient times, it was the custom of those about to become Knights to be laved with water, in token of the washing away of past misdeed. Are you prepared to make such a sign here in the presence of all?
Candidate: I am
Candidate places their hands together over the basin, while one sponsor pours water over them, while the other takes the hand towel and dries the candidates hands?
RS/Chair: Understanding these things, I ask you to renew (make) your Scout promise, bearing in mind that you are to interpret it from an adult point of view
All invested scouts present make the Scout Sign
Candidates and leader place their hands on the crew flag, which is lowered between them
Candidate repeats Scout Promise after the RS/Chair
RS/Chair: On my honour I promise that I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
To help other people at all times
To obey the Scout Law
Candidate kneels
RS/Chair takes sword and dubs the candidate
RS/Chair: I now invest you as a Rover and trust you on your honour to do your best
At this point, any badges or scarves the candidate does not already have are presented
Sponsors put epaulets on Candidate
RS/Chair: May these epaulets (and badges) remind you of your duty to your younger brothers and sisters and of your responsibility as a Rover Scout to set them at all times an example worthy of your best.
Rover Closing Ceremony now proceeds as normal