Scout Presentation of the Springbok Scout Award Badge

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Springbok Badge
Springbok Badge

The award of a Springbok Scout badge - Top Award - should be given particular significance in the life of the Group.

Although it is unwise to delay presentation of the badge until a suitable Group occasion, it is worth remembering that awarding this badge in the presence of the Cubs of the Group, can be an incentive to more than just the Scouts. So it is suggested the whole Group should be present, including parents.

Like the presentation of all badges earned, recognition should be immediate. The Scout should be presented with their badge as soon as possible after the award application has been approved by the National Office. There is no harm in having a more formal presentation of the Springbok Certificate at a Group occasion, or at a later stage such as Regional Springbok Parade, with their parents present.

Note: the Springbok badge is awarded and worn by the Scout before they receive the Springbok Certificate.

Troop Spiingbok award ceremony

  • There is no set ceremony, and if more than the Scout Troop is present, they will be formed up in any convenient way. If the Troop alone is witnessing the ceremony, it should be drawn up in horseshoe formation.
  • The Scout decides whether they would like to receive it from their TS or the DC.
  • The Scout will renew their Scout Promise, on the Troop Flag, before receiving their Springbok badge.
  • The Scout may present (as is custom in the particular Group) a Springbok Scout metal pin badge to their mother and father, in recognition of the support and encouragement that the Springbok Scout received from them.
  • Ensure that the recipient realises not only the pride with which the Springbok badge is presented, but also the responsibility attached to the award.

Whatever the arrangements for this ceremony are, it is worthwhile making it a special occasion for the parents of the Scout too.