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These charts show where badges should be placed on the Meerkat, Cub and Scout uniform.


MeerkatFrontBadgeChart.jpg MeerkatRearBadgeChart.jpg


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SeconderSixerSilver WolfGold WolfLeaping WolfAweness BadgeCommunity BadgeOutdoors BadgeAptitude BadgeAweness BadgeCommunity BadgeOutdoors BadgeAptitude BadgeScout Groups in South AfricaCub Interest BadgesCub Interest BadgesCub Interest BadgeCub SixRegions of Scouts South AfricaCub and Scout Recruiter BadgeEvent BadgeAnnual BadgeScout Districts in South AfricaScarfScarfScarfWoggleCub Badge Chart 2017.png
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Event badges

Event badges such as the following will go on the right side above the pocket, in the 'Event Badge'/'Temporary Emblem' area:

  • Hike to Mahikeng
  • Cape Town City Nature Challenge
  • Jamboree badges
  • Kon-Tiki badges


The LDC 1 badge is placed in the location of the PLTU badge in the picture below. When LDC 2 is earned, this replaces LCD 1, and PLTC replaces LDC 2. If PLTU is earned, this replaces any of the other badges.

Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Badges

Water chargeAir ChargeAIDS AwarenessPatrol Leader Training Unit (PLTU)Scouting AwardsCub and Scout Recruiter BadgeRegions of Scouts South AfricaWoggleScout Districts in South AfricaScarfScarfScarfStar PatrolScout wingsLeaping WolfCub InstructorAnnual BadgeScouts South AfricaAssistant Patrol LeaderPatrol LeaderWorld Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM)Troop LeaderTroop LeaderScout PatrolTraveller Advancement LevelDiscoverer Advancement LevelFirst Class Advancement LevelScout Advancement Programme#Advancement LevelsScout Groups in South AfricaScout Interest Badges#Scoutcraft BadgesScout Interest BadgesScout Badge Chart 2019.png
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Left sleeve

Patrol badgeTraveller Advancement LevelFirst Class Advancement LevelDiscoverer Advancement LevelStar PatrolScout Left Sleeve Badge Chart 2019.png
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