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Welcome to Cubs!

You may have been waiting a long time to join the Cubs. At last the great day has arrived and you have been to your first Pack meeting. You will be glad you decided to be a Cub. Like all children you enjoy playing games, having fun, and learning all sorts of interesting things. You have joined the right group. A great adventure is coming your way.


Here are other reasons for being glad you're a Cub...

You may have heard about all the activities, expeditions and competitions Cubs take part in. Your leaders are trained for this and spend much time planning your meetings to make them fun. You will have the challenge of earning your ADVANCEMENT BADGES which are called the SILVER WOLF and the GOLD WOLF. There are INTEREST BADGES you can earn too, for swimming, model-making, caring for animals, first aid, and many different activities. You will have the chance to go on outings, to play games, make things, act in plays and sing.

When you are 8 years old you will be allowed to go camping with the Cubs, and finally when you are 11 you will advance to the Scout Troop. We wish you luck on this adventurous trail.

The leader in charge of your Pack is called Akela. Other leaders (called Scouters) have names like Baloo and Bagheera. You will read about these names on page 8, and hear about them when you are told the first story from Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book.

Apart from your weekly Pack meetings, there may be special meetings or outdoor activities over weekends. Sometimes this will be with Cubs from other Packs, or with the Scouts, or with your parents. Try not to miss out on any of the fun.

Now here are some of the things you will need to know to help you settle easily into the pack and plan what you are going to do in Cubs over the next couple of years.


Pack Calls

Akela has special calls which all Cubs understand.

If Akela calls "PACK" just once, stop whatever you are doing, stand still, and listen. "PACK" means silence.

When Akela calls "PACK, PACK, PACK", all the Cubs run and join hands to form a parade circle calling "PA-A-A-C-K". Stand still and listen for further instructions.

"PACK ALERT" means stand with your hands at your sides and your feet together. No talking, please!

"PACK AT EASE" means stand with your feet apart and hands behind your back. Stand still and do not speak. This is more comfortable than being at the alert.

Pathway through Cubs

Everyone who joins Cubs must first complete all the requirements for the MEMBERSHIP badge. Then you can wear the Cub uniform and the special badge which Cubs, Scouts and leaders all over the world wear on their left pocket.

As a Cub you will have the challenge of earning your SILVER WOLF, and later your GOLD WOLF. Once you are 10 years old, you can earn your LEAPING WOLF.

During your years in Cubs you will also be allowed to earn INTEREST BADGES and there are many to choose from, according to your own interests.

Finally, two months before you go to the Troop you will meet the Troop Scouter and some of the Scouts, and work for your LINK BADGE. This will tell others that you have been a Cub and are now going up to the Scout Troop where you will take part in new challenges and enjoyable activities.