Scouts Sustainable Development Goals 2021

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For the SCOUTS 2021 SDG Challenge we have opted for four more SDGs to help us address water shortages and a lack of sanitation, energy consumption, economic growth and sustainable communities.

1: Clean Water and Sanitation – SDG 6

Requirements: Complete THREE of the following:

  1. Earn the Water Biologist or Public Health badge.
  2. Discuss with your Patrol the importance of having access to clean water, and the implications it has on sanitation when clean water is not accessible.
  3. Create a poster highlighting water-borne diseases that can affect your community. Show the consequences of these diseases.
  4. Earn the Water Champ Challenge badge or the Covid-19 Awareness badge.
  5. Take part in a project that addresses sanitation issues identified in your community.
  6. Take part in a project that harvests rain water for the benefit of the community, school or other facility.

2: Affordable and Clean Energy – SDG 7

Requirements: Complete FOUR of the following:

  1. Research four different types of renewable energy sources and discuss the merits of each with your Patrol.
  2. Train Meerkats or Cubs on how to cook over a solar oven, conservation stove, etc.
  3. Build a vehicle that is powered by a renewable energy source. The vehicle must be able to travel 50m.
  4. Conduct an investigation that highlights the current electricity problems South Africa is experiencing, including which industries use the most power. Discuss what other energy sources could be added to the national power grid.
  5. Complete the Electrician badge.
  6. Hold a camp entirely with the goal of saving energy or using 100% renewable energy sources for cooking, lighting, washing etc.

3: Decent Work & Economic Growth – SDG 8

Requirements: Complete THREE of the following:

  1. Earn the Entrepreneurship Scoutcraft badge.
  2. Research a career that interests you. Discuss this with your Patrol highlighting the career path therein.
  3. Conduct a macro economic review of the South African economy, highlighting both good and bad aspects of the current economic situation. Discuss your findings with your Scouter.
  4. Complete one of the following Interest badges: Plumber, Home Maintenance, Metal Worker, Carpenter, Designer, or Electrician (only if not completed for a previous challenge).
  5. Create a game for Cubs that illustrates the concept of economic growth.
  6. Take part in job shadowing for a week in a discipline that interests you. Report back to your Patrol on your experience.

4: Sustainable Communities – SDG 11

Requirements: Complete THREE of the following:

  1. Visit your local neighbourhood watch and understand the current challenges affecting your local community.
  2. Take part in a community based activity for a period of 3 months.
  3. Complete the Disaster Risk Management badge.
  4. Complete either the Food for Life Starter or Food for Life Silver.
  5. Conduct a research project on how climate change is affecting the community and present your findings on a poster. Present this to your Patrol.
  6. Find out about the processes available to encourage public participation and involvement in your municipal Integrated Development Plan (IDP). (Refer to local government websites for further info).

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