Burrowing Up Ceremony

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The Burrowing Up Ceremony is when a Meerkat moves from the Meerkat Den to the Cub Pack

Six weeks before their seventh birthday, the Meerkat can start working on the Burrowing Up badge. As soon as possible, after their seventh birthday, they should go up to Cubs. The Meerkat may gain the Burrowing Up badge with the Pack Scouter (PS), before going up to the Pack. This enables them to be invested as a Cub immediately after their Burrowing Up Ceremony. The Burrowing Up badge is presented to the Meerkat by the PS.

If the Meerkat does not complete the Burrowing Up badge before going up to Cubs, they will have to complete the Cub Membership badge before they can be invested as a Cub.

The Burrowing Up Ceremony

Proper preparation for the actual ceremony at the Group Scouters’ Council is key.

The Meerkats who are Burrowing Up arrive for the ceremony in their Cub uniform, wearing their Den Scarf.

The Den forms up around the totem. The Pack forms in a Parade Circle a short distance away.

Burrowing up ceremony layout.png

In the Den

  • The Den Scouter or DS explains the event and the significance of the occasion.
    • The Meerkat goes around the circle and says goodbye to their friends and Scouters with the Meerkat handshake.
    • The Den members will then form a guard of honour in two lines, joining hands to form a tunnel.
    • The Pack Scouter or PS then says “OPEN THE CIRCLE”, whereupon the Cubs nearest the Den join the guard of honour line joining hands to extend the tunnel.
    • The DS leads the Meerkat(s) through the tunnel (DS walks alongside the tunnel as they will not fit inside the tunnel) to meet the Scout Group Leader or SGL, who is standing at the end of the guard of honour. The DS salutes the SGL and gives a brief summary of the Meerkat’s career, wishes the Meerkat good luck, and then hands them over. The SGL welcomes the Meerkat with a few words of encouragement.
  • Once the Meerkat(s) has walked through the tunnel, the tunnel disperses and the Pack and the Den reform their respective circles.
  • The Meerkats then proceed to their Closing Ceremony. If it is not the end of their meeting they may stand quietly in the hall to watch the Investiture or leave the hall for another activity.

In the Pack Parade circle

  • The SGL presents the Meerkat to the PS, who welcomes them to the Pack.

Once the Meerkat has been invested as a member of the Pack at the Cub Investiture Ceremony, it may be a good opportunity for joint activities of the Den and Pack with a few carefully chosen games for a short time until the Meerkats go home and the Pack Meeting properly starts. This strengthens the bond between the Den and the Pack.

The approach to the whole ceremony is one of pride and happiness that another Meerkat is joining the Pack. No suggestion of sadness at losing them from the Den must be allowed to creep in.