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Hiking or trekking or backpacking is a long outdoor walk, normally through the countryside, but it could go through urban areas too.

Day Hike

A hike that is completed in less than a day, could be as short a 4 km or as much as 20km. Day hikes (sometimes called a day walk) are great for building up the confidence, hiking skills and fitness of the patrol.

Night Hike

A night hike is an adventure in itself. It is short like a day hike, but is done after sunset. It teaches us different skills like navigation with a compass and

Overnight Hike

The hiker has to carry all kit and food for the duration of the hike. On some routes the scouts may sleep in overnight huts or in hiking tents.

Patrol Hike

Simply a hike done as a patrol, it could be a day hike or an overnight hike. These activities are great for building patrol spirit and opportunities to teach the younger scouts important scoutcraft skills.

Scout Hiking competitions

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