Cub Aptitude Challenge - First Aid

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Aptitude Challenge

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Aptitude Challenge

First Aid

  1. Know the importance of summoning adult help in the case of accidents.
  2. Show how to treat a simple cut and graze.
  3. Show how to treat a bleeding nose.
  4. Make a simple emergency kit and know how to use it.
  5. Use your scarf or a triangular bandage as an arm sling.

First Aid

  1. Know how to behave in an emergency situation.
  2. Know and explain how to activate the Emergency Medical Services in your neighbourhood.
  3. Show how to treat burns, scalds, insect bites and stings and how to remove a splinter.
  4. Show how to stop bleeding by using direct pressure.

Cubs are not expected to be expert first aiders, but they are expected to know the importance of keeping a wound clean and the simple rules for combatting infection. Every Cub, no matter how small, is capable of getting help or giving support.

If they come across an accident they need to remember that if they are not alone, to call for an adult or a more experienced person. However, if they are alone, they are not to leave the injured person, and to shout and shout until someone comes to help.

Train the Cub on how to call the emergency medical services, what number to dial for emergencies and to have that available with them. Arrange for someone in this field to come and demonstrate first aid to the Cubs, such as a paramedic. The Cubs will love the real deal from a real first aider. Arrange a First Aid day outing with different bases on what they need to know.


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