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The Personal Bar is the first stage of the Rover Advancement Programme that an invested Rover will work on.

Before Rovers can do any service to Movement and Community, they have to ensure that they are developing as individuals. The age of 18 to 23, is a crucial time for any Rover: leaving school and hopefully starting to work or study.

During this period, they need to learn many skills, such as how to take care of their own finances, write a CV, obtain a driver's license. Along with these requirements, one of the Rover Awards related to Personal Bar must be completed (Careers, Ramblers, Arts and Culture or Sportsman Award).


  1. Know the principles to be considered when writing a Curriculum Vitae (CV). Demonstrate to your RS or Crew Council that you have researched how a CV is compiled by quoting at least two references. Show to your RS or Crew Council (or person of confidence) your CV. Write a motivational letter that will complement the CV for possible employment.
  2. Discuss with your RS or Crew Council your personal plan for the future: studies, apprenticeship, work and any peer pressures. Define personal goals that are achievable in defined time periods. Over a 6 month period, review these personal goals with your RS or Crew Council (or person of confidence).
  3. Discuss with your RS or person of confidence a financial budget for a given income of, for example, R2000-00/month, (without revealing personal information). Demonstrate an understanding of the following banking procedures: applying for a loan, opening a bank account, making a deposit, investment procedures, applying for a credit card. Explain the difference between saving and investing. Explain the reasons for opting for the financial institution you are currently banking/investing with, or the reasons as to why you are not making use of such a facility.
  4. Attend religious ceremonies of your faith. Research some aspect of your faith. Explain how it relates to the Promise and Law. Present your findings to your RS or Crew Council or person of confidence.
  5. Achieve one of the following: gain a driver's license, demonstrate computer literacy, run a Food for Life campaign, or learn basic artisans skills (such as: electrics, plumbing, carpentry, car maintenance). This should be agreed upon by your RS or Crew Council.
  6. Achieve one of the following Rover Awards: Careers, Ramblers, Arts and Culture or Sportsman.