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When a Scout becomes 17 years of age, they can start working on the Rover Network badge. If they are completing their Springbok, they can ask the Crew if it is possible to do these requirements over a year. Once the requirements have been achieved, this will enable the Scout to be invested as a Squire on turning 18 years of age, and wear this badge on their Rover uniform.


  1. Attend at least 5 crew activities. This should include a minimum of
    • 1 Formal Meeting
    • 1 Social Activity
    • 1 Major Outdoor Activity – e.g. camp, hike, sail etc
    • 1 Service Activity
  2. Demonstrate an adult understanding of the Promise, Law and Rover Prayer
  3. Discuss with your sponsor the following ceremonies: Going-up, Opening, Closing and Investiture, this is seen as an informal discussion.
  4. Explain the three areas of service – Self, Movement, Community
  5. Make a verbal presentation to your Troop on Rovers. (You may utilize mediums that enhance your presentation, eg: PowerPoint™ Slide show, posters, photos, etc)

Points to remember

  1. This badge is supervised by the Rover Scouter (or Crew Council), with cooperation of Troop Scouter
  2. This is a requirement for going up from Scouts to Rovers.
  3. It is worn in same position as Cub Link Badge (left sleeve), and removed when first Rover advancement bar is achieved.
  4. Those who complete the Network Badge do not have to complete Squireship, except for the Vigil or Crew Designated Task (as defined by the Crew).
  5. Scouts who have been awarded their Springbok badge, can continue to wear it until they turn 21 or have been awarded their Network Badge. Once they have been awarded their Network Badge they will replace the Springbok badge with the Springbok Bar.
  6. If a Scout has not completed all the requirements for the Network badge and has turned 18, it will be a Crew Council decision if they invest them prior to completed the Network badge or if the Scout would need to complete the outstanding requirements first.
  7. Scouts who have been awarded their Bushman's Thong / Bosun's Chord / Airmans Cord may continue to wear it until they turn 21 or have been awarded the Rover Cord.